Air/Air shooting

IMAGIN’AIR & IMAGIN’STILL are two air shooting systems, unique in Europe, able to perform pictures at both high altitude and high speed.

Looking at scenes as diverse as those usually seen by a pilot through his cockpit windscreen and then a panoramic view of a jet cruising at high altitude over mountain peaks, our system gives you the opportunity of catching pictures that are quite simply out-of-this-world.

Recognized by filmmakers and professionnal photographers, the advantages of IMAGIN’AIR & IMAGIN’STILL are enormous :

  • Quality lens (afocal lens, wide angle vision 35°, manufactured by KINOPTIK)
  • In-flight security whilst shooting
  • Large range of film-type can be used(35 mm, 70 mm, video HD, photo, etc.)
  • Maneuverability and comfortable working position (remote steering systems, controlled by customers, photographers handle the system themselves)
  • Vision is almost total (360° horizontal/224° vertical). To shoot vertically there is a double prism.
  • Image and camera pitch is stabilized
  • Camera accessible at all times (quality control and quick recharge for continual shooting)
  • Airborne for optimal shooting time

Video example

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